Kunert Fly And Care

  • Kunert Fly And Care is one of the most famous and loved line ups from Kunert and is deserving of its own page. This range is truly the final word is support leg wear. Fly And Care was developed for the Lufthansa crew, the staff who man the flights of Germany's largest and most loved airline. Lufthansa has a reputation as being one of the absolute best names in the travel industry for getting a good flight that is made with care and attention to detail in mind.

    Well, if the experience on your flight can be that good, surely the crew's tools of the trade should be as well. Kunert developed their items for cabin crew to make sure they had the easiest flight possible, but they didn't account for the fact that everyone else would want them too. Fly And Care are compression tights that help with circulation and keeping your legs feeling fresh and revitalized. This is perfect for those who fly often, but it's not just the crew that do that. Plenty of people find themselves on planes throughout the year, and Kunert decided to bring these support tights and support hold ups to everyone that they could. Of course, these are not just flight sock or the like. They are well engineered items for everyday wear, even if you aren't in the sky. For those who have an office job wear you have to wear certain footwear or those on their feet all day, wearing support tights is a must, and they are great for a night out too. Are they really okay for a Friday night? Yes, they are. Kunert know that support tights are too often ugly and choose practicality first, so Kunert Fly And Care has been designed to be the most beautiful and gorgeous support tights you have ever worn. They look good, feel good and will keep your legs feeling fresh and good as new.

    If you have a job where you need to look professional but where your feet suffer, if you find yourself walking miles each day because your city doesn't have the best transportation or if you are rushing from one meeting or appointment to another, your legs can soon have a pretty big toll taken on them. Kunert Fly And Care should be the first item on your mind for helping your circulation and massaging your muscles, so that the aches and pains of the day never set in to begin with. These tights are some of the best tights in the world, not just support tights, but any kind for that matter. They are comfortable, well designed and made by a brand of leg wear designers that know exactly what good leg wear means. If you have also had any Kunert before and you know that they look good, but you want a little more practicality to go with the gorgeous designs you already enjoy, Fly And Care is perfect and exactly the kind of items you should try from Kunert's range next.

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