Kunert Fashion Tights

  • Kunert fashion tights are one of their smaller collections, but they are also some of the best designed ones in the world of leg wear. Kunert fashion consists of usually a dozen or two designs each season, whereas the more fashion concentrated brands will arrange for at least 50 designs to be released, but often closer to 100 or more. Kunert prefer quality over quantity, an impression you probably have received from reading our other page about their line up of different tights ranges. The few designs they release are all stylish and interesting, but have one thing in common. They are all designed with timelessness in mind. Their beautiful patterns are versatile across outfits and trends, which is superb, but mainly their love of transcending seasonal boundaries is the most important thing to them.

    Kunert makes sheers and opaques that are timeless and that have always been in fashion. The whole of their range could have been found in the 1920s or today or could be found a century from now. Of course, the technology that goes into the design and construction changes drastically, but the items themselves have not. This is vital from a brand where a pair of tights can easily, if you take care of them, last many seasons. Their fashion tights can last just as long, so to make them a pattern that is in vogue but simply too bound by occasion is the source of a lot of waste and throwing out of perfectly good items of clothing because they are no longer in fashion. So Kunert fashion tights and hold ups are made as versatile as possible.

    Each year or season they release patterns like stripes, polka dots or floral motifs as part of their collection. This is by no means an indication that they are unoriginal though. Kunert don't ever repeat themselves and always put huge amounts of effort and work into making their collection. In fact, their small offering is vital to this process, as they can concentrate fully on making the absolute best items they can, meaning a dozen designs are more well thought out and articulated than 50 designs could ever be. Kunert fashion is all about quality, just like their essentials and they are some of the best received collections in leg wear history.

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