The History Of Kunert

  • Kunert is one of the best known and most loved brands of leg wear in the world. It has garnered a reputation for so many different positive attributes that make good clothing what it is, rather than just one or two things that it does well. Instead, everything that can be praised about Kunert, is praised. What makes this brand so universally loved and so famous amongst fashionistas for being perhaps the best tights in the world?

    Well, let's take a look into their history and see what has brought them to their current place as a pedestal-placed name in the clothing industry and one of the best manufacturers of ladies hosiery and knitwear.

    Kunert started making their designs over a century ago. Like any brand you can name, their seniority and time-served history is something that is vital to success and is completely impossible to recreate or imitate without the genuine article. If you have ever driven a car from one of the oldest names in the world of automobiles, you'll know what it means to barely hear the engine, feel like you are floating off the tarmac and to be sat in what is essentially a first class cabin on an aircraft. Names like Porsche and Daimler, both of which a are based near Kunert as a matter of fact, are prime examples of magnificently well designed creations that delight those who use them and cannot be outdone.

    Kunert began creating leg wear 100 years ago in Sudetenland, the area of modern day Czech Republic where German speakers live. Today, their original founding location is part of the Czech Republic, but today they are based in Bavaria, in Southwest Germany. Being founded here is one of the most important parts of their history and is as important as their status as a centenarian business. Being made in Germany, you know the items are superbly well made, but Bavaria is also close to both Switzerland, Austria and Italy. No one makes apparel like these three nation, except perhaps the Parisians, and their proximity has influenced their designs immensely. Living in the 21st Century, we take it for granted that we can get items from all over the globe at the click of a button, and back then, you couldn't find any materials for your item outside of a day or two by train or automobile. But being based near the Austrian border meant that the expertise of Viennese tailors, the quality of Swiss craftsmanship and the finest Italian fabrics were right on the doorstep of Kunert. The result is a brand steeped in everything that is needed to make world class leg wear. Kunert took advantage of this and from 1907 onwards, developed some of the finest leg wear we have ever seen. Today, they are certainly amongst the top five names in the world, rivaled by only a handful of others, all of which are based around this historic region of fashion design in Central European. This is the history and beginnings of Kunert, so to see more about this amazing company, take a look at our other pages.

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